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Lois Anderson

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I am a London based lettercarver operating from my studio in Islington. Having studied lettercarving for 2 years at Weymouth College I worked as an apprentice to Richard Kindersley for a further 2 years. I now undertake commissions for headstones and memorials and hope to provide a service to my clients in which they feel they have the time and space to arrive at a design which is suitably personal and which works aesthetically and practically. My commissions generally involve visiting the site where the memorial is to be fixed, meeting with the client at their home / my workshop/ on site. Choosing the material and developing the design with input from the client, producing the carving, during which I am often visited frequently by the client and finally fixing the stone with the help of a registered NAMM/BRAMM fixer. Apart from memorial work I also do lettering in various other [...]

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Thanks to your amazing website, I feel the project is in very good hands. I was able to sit with the artist in front of my computer and show her examples of work that were appealing to me. I don’t know how I would have proceeded without MbA.



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