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My entry into the profession of stone-carving came via an apprenticeship at the Cardozo-Kindersley Workshop in Cambridge. Prior to this I had some exposure to carved letters through my father, Kevin, who had been a letter carver all his life. He in turn was following in the footsteps of his father, Laurie, who was an assistant to Eric Gill during the first half of the twentieth Century.

After completing my apprenticeship in 2003 I entered the "family firm". My father retired in the mid-noughties, and died in 2013, but I like to think that some aspects of his style live on in my own work. Several of the featured memorials which display dates of death pre-dating 2002 were designed and initially carved by him, with the additional inscription being added by myself.

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Thanks to your amazing website, I feel the project is in very good hands. I was able to sit with the artist in front of my computer and show her examples of work that were appealing to me. I don’t know how I would have proceeded without MbA.



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