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Robbie Schneider

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I design lettering and hand carve inscriptions in stone, wood and other materials. I use traditional techniques for letter cutting; hand carving gives a unique degree of precision, subtlety and life to the finished work. I specialized in letter design, lettering sculpture and inscriptional letter carving after studying sculpture at Camberwell and Byam Shaw Art Schools in London. I am an elected member of Letter Exchange and of the Scottish Lettercutters Association. My work includes many public and private commissions and can be found throughout Britain from Kent in the South to Shetland in the far North and I also exhibit regularly.

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Thanks to your amazing website, I feel the project is in very good hands. I was able to sit with the artist in front of my computer and show her examples of work that were appealing to me. I don’t know how I would have proceeded without MbA.



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