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Children's Memorials

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Memorials by Artists specialises in helping bereaved families to create unique and sensitively designed memorials for babies, children and young adults. We draw on our extensive experience to carefully guide parents through the difficult decisions that have to be made, and help to make the process a little easier.

Our fully illustrated book, Memorials by Artists for young people, gives advice on choosing the wording, involving siblings and much, much more. Based on the experience of many of the families we have worked closely with, this book offers gentle guidance and encouragement to those embarking on this most difficult of tasks.

Babies Memorials

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Children's Memorials

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Young Adult Memorials

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At last I feel our babies have a fitting memorial. Martin and you have been so kind over something I never thought could be made right.


We would not have known that Ieuan existed without you, he made us feel as though our commission was the most important one of all.


Our family and friends are amazed at the beauty and uniqueness of the stone and that we had so much input into its design. We feel that it is the only fitting memorial to our beautiful, special boy.


What a wonderful book – I am sure it will be a huge resource for many, many families. I assume the children’s hospices know about it, having worked at Helen House for eight years I know it is just what parents will be looking for.


Thank you very much for helping us to create such a beautiful stone for our daughter Hannah. We first read about your organisation in The Times. Libby Purves had written an article about the stone you helped her create to remember her son. Prior to that we were really stuck as we could not imagine how we would choose a headstone for Hannah, our 7 year old daughter.

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The memorial can be a place where family and friends meet to share their memories. Looking after the fabric of the memorial, and placing flowers, and perhaps other mementoes close by, enables families to continue to care for their child. The memorial may be a special place where parents or siblings spend time alone, talking to the child, or reflecting upon their life.

An excerpt from Continuing the Bond by Jan McLaren, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Director and Senior Consultant, The Laura Centre, Leicester. From the book Memorials by Artists for young people.

Many people say that the placing of the memorial is the last thing you can do for the child who has died. It is possible though, to continue the bond in other ways – a poem framed and hung in your home, a pebble found or carved to keep in your pocket, a shrub or a bed of wild flowers, an engraved glass window – anything is possible.

From the book Memorials by Artists for young people, an Introduction by Harriet Frazer and Hilary Meynell.
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