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Commissioning Advice

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Facts and advice that you may find helpful before contacting the artists.

Visiting the Artist

Things we advise you to consider before visiting the artist:

  • The visit is designed to enable you to see more of the artist’s work, learn about their approach and discuss any ideas you have for the memorial in detail.
  • Visits can last from up to an hour or more.
  • From experience, we do recommend visiting just one artist initially.
  • There is no charge for a preliminary meeting with the artist, if the consultation is at their studio or workshop, but if you ask the artist to visit you, he or she may make a charge for their time and travelling expenses.

A note about designing and drawing

  • If all goes well at your meeting, a preliminary drawing will usually be made within a few weeks of your visit. This will be sent to you with an estimate for the work.
  • Many people do not realise that researching and creating a design is a major part of the commissioning process.
  • Most of our artists produce hand-drawn designs and a considerable amount of time can be spent on producing even a very simple drawing.
  • Should you decide not to go ahead with the commission after a design has been made, the artist will usually make a charge for the time spent and the copyright of the design will normally remain with the artist.


  • A simple memorial (for example a classic headstone) will typically cost around £2,000 - £2,500 but can exceed £5,000, depending upon the complexity of the design, the amount of lettering and /or carving, the material used, the experience of the artist and the distance of the artist from the site of the memorial.
  • Most artists are happy to work within a budget whenever possible, so if you have a figure in mind, please discuss this at your preliminary meeting with the artist.


  • Payment is by arrangement with the individual artist. Each artist will have his or her own Terms and Conditions, but most require an early deposit payment, followed by at least one further payment, with the final payment being made after the memorial has been set into place.

For further information about the commissioning process please see our Commissioning page and FAQ pages

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