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The Memorials by Artists Guide £10.00 + free p&p

The Memorials by Artists guide to commissioning thoughtful well-designed memorials and other lettered works. Articles give advice on a variety of subjects, including choosing the words, types of stone, churchyard and cemetery rules and much more. Many of the most commonly asked questions are also touched upon. Fully illustrated with over a hundred colour photographs.

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Art & Memory Catalogue £3.00 + free p&p

A record of the exhibition of new work by fifty-four contemporary lettercarvers, curated by The Memorial Arts Charity and set in the landscape of West Dean Gardens and Arboretum, West Dean, Chichester, West Sussex from April – November 2009.

The catalogue features illustrations of all fifty-four exhibits (seats, fountains, pebbles etc. as well as a wide variety of gravestones) and includes an artist’s statement about each piece as well as a foreword by Libby Purves.

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Memorials by Artists
For Young People
£10.00 + free p&p

The Memorials by Artists guide to help families who are facing the extremely hard task of finding a memorial to celebrate the life of a young person, from before birth to 30 years. The book was written with parents in mind but is equally useful for those who have lost a partner, a sibling or a friend. Over seventy colour photographs of unique works, ranging from headstones, tablets and pebbles to stone seats and bird baths, in stone, slate and wood, from traditional and classical to unusual and uplifting contemporary work.

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Art & Memory in the Churchyard £5.00 + free p&p

A 64 page full colour illustrated book consisting of Twenty-one contemporary works on a memorial theme, a Foreword by Libby Purves, articles on Good Design, Epitaphs, the Art & Craft of Lettercarving and much more. Includes a fully illustrated section addressing the current situation with churchyard rules and regulations - useful for the general public as well as for those clergy who are responsible for the care of churchyards.

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Masters & Apprentices £20.00 + free p&p

The Lettering & Commemorative Arts Trust Apprenticeship Scheme has flourished for over ten years, with all past apprentices now running their own studios. Our current apprentice, Tom Sargeant, is learning his craft under the tuition of Masters Chris Elsey and Geoff Aldred at their studio nr Ditchling, East Sussex.

This seventy page, fully illustrated, Masters and Apprentices catalogue records the progression of the Lettering & Commemorative Arts Trust’s important role in establishing an educational platform for future students of Letteringcarving in stone and includes artists’ statements and biographies.

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Memorials by Artists
Publications Pack
£25.00 + free p&p

Purchase this attractively presented publication pack containing four publications (“The Memorials by Artists Guide”, “Memorials by Artists for Young People”, “Art & Memory Catalogue” and “Art & Memory in the Churchyard”) at the reduced price of £25.00

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The books are most welcome and reaffirm the whole point of careful choice when making what is a personal and very public gift to a country churchyard.



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